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0478 472 304
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  • Name:Nora Mona
  • Ethnicity:Asian
  • Height:not set
  • Gender:Female
  • Age:not set
  • Hair:not set
  • Eye:not set
  • Bust:not set
  • Dress:not set
  • Location:Melbourne, VIC

About Me:

  • Hello~ We are your best fantasy~
    Nora: 168 cm/ 51 kg/ Natural C cup/ Size 7-8 Yellow hair
    Mona:162 cm/ 42 kg/ Natural B cup/ Size 6-7 Black hair

    Full Services:
    One of us
    30 mins/ 150
    45 mins/ 200
    60 mins/ 250
    Both of us
    30 mins/ 300
    45 mins/ 400
    60 mins/ 500

    Full Services include:
    Shower together,
    Passionate bj
    Sex with different position
    Body slide

    Extra services:This price is for only one of us, if you want both of us you need to double
    Natural Blow Job 50
    Natural Blow Job with Cum in Mouth 80
    Cum on face 50
    69/Licking pussy 30
    Tongue kiss 30
    Nat sex 50(Cum outside)
    Nat sex and Creampie 100(Cum inside)
    Anal 50(With condom)
    Nat Anal 100(Without condom)

    Dragon Services
    One of us
    20 mins/ 250
    30 mins/ 300
    45 mins/ 400
    60 mins/ 450
    Both of us
    30 mins/ 600
    45 mins/ 700
    60 mins/ 800

    Dragon Services include:
    Shower together,
    Passionate bj
    Sex with different position
    Body slide
    Natural Blow Job
    Natural Blow Job with Cum in Mouth
    Cum on face
    69/Licking pussy
    Tongue kiss
    Nat sex(Cum outside)
    Nat sex and Creampie(Cum inside)
    Anal(With condom)
    Nat Anal(Without condom)

    If you want to make an appointment, please tell me whether you want one of us or both of us, and what service do you want and how long
    How to make an appointment:
    You: Hello, I want to make an appointment for the two of you, a 30-minute full service, and I want natural bj
    Us: Hello! Our address is XXX, what time do you expect to arrive? The 30-minute double full service is 300, plus the natural bj is 300+50*2, a total of 400, is it possible?
    You: Yes, no problem. I will prepare 400 cash. Is 6PM okay? I am looking forward to meeting you~
    Us: No problem dear~ See you 6PM~

    Phone Number: 0478 472 304
    If we did not answer your call or hung up, it means that we are inconvenient now. Don’t call us continuously, we will call you back as soon as possible, but try to send us text messages, thank you

    You can text us ask more Photos, Don’t just see that you can ask us for photos. Before you ask us for an appointment, remember not to ask these questions, otherwise you will be blacklisted by us immediately
    Where are you from?
    (Earth, are you satisfied with this answer?)
    How old are you
    (Don’t be silly, the photo is definitely us, you won’t know our true age)
    Can we make a video call? /Please take a selfie and do the action I requested
    (We have done this before, but there are too many fools, we have been disappointed, don't say you are a real customer, don't waste time)